Our unique incubator process is aimed at specific types of new ventures. Entrepreneurs that are looking for a partner to help them to their next evolutionary step to becoming a successful company are welcome to apply.

We work with new ventures that are in the robotics or IoT space. Any entrepreneurs that are directly working in this space or provide products within these sectors are of interest.

We look for new ventures that are:

We take on very few new ventures. If you are selected after providing us a brief and meeting with you, we will then carry out a rapid deep dive into your new venture understanding its potential. If your new venture passes this stage gate, we then move forward to partnering with you.


Start-ups can be in various phases of development from pure seed ideas to late-stage growth. We are looking for new ventures that fit between the following two points:

  • From: Pre-revenue, post-prototype
  • To: Post-revenue, pre-profit

The earliest stage we look at a new venture is once you have a working protype of your product. You do not have to have sales, but you must have a demonstrable product. Your product is unlikely to be finished, but you must be able to demonstrate its main functions. We will help you raise funds to perfect the product and start your sales process.

The latest stage we look at is once you have started to make sales, but are not profitable. This in itself is a wide spectrum of growth phases. We are looking for companies that are pre-Series A funding. So, you are still interested in receiving funds from angels and smaller investors to prove the marketability of your product. We then help you make your product bankable and help you raise your first serious round of funds.


The entrepreneurs are the key ingredient to making a new venture work. We expect two things from the teams we invest in as a baseline:

  • The team has experience in the sector in which the new venture will operate
  • The team is made up of fully committed full time entrepreneurs

We are looking for people who understand the market into which they are selling. You need to understand what customers want to ensure your product is likely to succeed. It could be a revolutionary product, a disruptor, and experience within the sector will help you understand why your product will work.

Entrepreneurship is not a part time gig. We understand that you have financial commitments, so jobs are necessary. But once you are at a stage that the new venture comes first, and you are all in, then we are interested to talk to you.


We are looking for innovation, products that will disrupt industries, change the way people think, work, organise, mobilise or play. You should be in control of your technology. It is the core of your new venture, so you should be developing it in-house. A patchwork of connected third party technologies does not usually help to foster the next big disruptor. You need to invest time to develop your own technology.

We will look for products that are highly innovative, and therefore may lead to one or a number of patents. While patents don’t keep competition away forever, they provide a form of barrier to entry. It also helps to market your product, as advanced and vanguard.

We can help build out your technical team to continue development of your technology. We expect you to keep your eye on innovation, while we help you with business development, finance and generally organising the new venture.


We are interested in products and not services. A product can be tangible or intangible. Tangibles include anything you have to physically build, which has a hardware base and associated software.

Intangibles include software, which includes:

  • Applications that are used by end users whether that be on a computer or mobile device
  • Systems software, which helps integration of applications with operating platforms/ hardware, or provides completely new operating platforms
  • Drivers that provide novel ways to control devices or connect, adapt or manipulate devices as part of an IoT solution

We are looking for products that can be ramped up quickly, enjoy significant economies of scale and are leading edge.


In terms of the entrepreneurial teams, our reach extends to Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We are interested to hear from entrepreneurs based in these regions that are looking to take their ventures to the next stage.

In terms of business development and sales, we look worldwide. We help our teams with leads across the globe for opportunities to make sales in various markets. We help to develop use cases that drive business where ever your product will add value.


We expect the team to have a working prototype at least and are ready to go to market. Growth is expected to be rapid. Depending on your stage of growth, we will help you to continue the development of the product, and aggressively push for market share.

Your product should be market ready or can be made market ready in a relatively short period of time. Your product should be able to benefit from economies of scale once sales are generated. Improvements to the product will continue, but the original product should be innovative for the market which we will target.

Essentially, we are looking for products that play in large markets that can be presented to our contacts quickly for rapid business development.

If you are interested to apply, please send us a brief on your project, which includes:

What is the target market?

What makes your technology different?

Who's in the team and what is their time commitment to the project?

How far along are you?

What do you need to get to the next stage?

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