We are seasoned entrepreneurs. We have tasted highs and lows. We have failed and persisted until we succeeded. We are always grateful for the experience of taking our destiny into our own hands and working for something greater than ourselves.

We believe there are many people out there with the desire to use their talents and skills to achieve a better future for coming generations. They decide to go off-track and challenge what is possible. Entrepreneurs should be nurtured, supported, and honoured by bringing their ideas to life.

Our mission is to work with those ingenious individuals who share our vision on business integrity, adding value to society and creating long-lasting relationships. Our function is to help great minds mould their ideas into practical solutions.

We don't just work for entrepreneurs. We partner with them to bridge the skills and resources gap to make a successful market entry and raise the funds that takes a new venture to its next evolutionary stage. We are there to work side by side with each entrepreneur on their journey.

Our future depends on the quality of our decisions. Our unique approach of being intrinsically entwinned with the new ventures with which we work allows us to be more impactful with the limited number of entrepreneurs with whom we work.

Business Development

Fast growth is fundamental for any new venture. We can help your new venture by opening doors and helping you prepare your value proposition. Introduction meetings are fleeting, so you need to have the right pitch that will showcase your product. Our dialogue is direct so we can focus on bringing your product to market as quickly as possible. If you are post-sales, we focus on specific markets and clients to boost growth quickly.

Discovering the best markets and partners that are the best fit for your product is key to drive your venture forward. For that we have a network of advisors and entities that help in understanding market segments, hone your marketing message and provide sales opportunities. Developing a business starts by building trust around the fact that you have the best team to solve specific problems and that's why we provide an extension of those skills to increment your value in the market.

We work with you to design a lean and comprehensive sales process, from grabbing quick wins by validating your product and adapting it to market requirements, to a robust and flexible go to market plan that provides clear direction. We will help you develop a value proposition and revenue model, carry out market analysis, develop a commercial roadmap and partnership framework, and help you select potential partners.

Depending on the stage of your venture we may take the lead on the market approach, interacting with prospective customers, and developing relationships to create a customer base.


For the right project, capital is always available and we can help you make your project bankable. As investors, we understand what angels and venture capitalists are looking for. We use that knowledge to stress test your market understanding, business model, sales strategy, and implementation plan. We also look at your team to determine where there may be gaps and suggest ways in which those gaps can be filled.

Our process is very hands on and practical. We take a deep dive into your project with you to better understand its value and potential future. We are honest and straightforward, so we will point out areas to improve.

During our process, we develop a full financial model, which can be used with investors. We build out the business and revenue model so that there is a clear link between the model and your business plans. On the costs side we ensure there are linkages between your revenue model and your ability to fulfil though staff, capex and other resources.

We will help you develop an information memorandum that acts as your gateway to investors. It will be clear, concise and look at the main points that investors want to understand.

Finally, we will manage all the legal work to protect your project intellectual property during the funding process, and advise you during negotiations with investors. We will help you find the investor which is the right fit for you, as each provides a different mix or financing, experience and input.

Coaching and Mentoring

High-performance athletes are coached because getting to the top requires making the most of your resources, especially the ones inside you. As entrepreneurs, we know how you can sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost or even alone on the journey. Our team is certified and has extensive experience in coaching because we know that leaders progress faster by keeping focused on their goals, with their minds clear, taking constructive action, fostering win-win interactions and building consistent traction for their ventures.

Creating mentoring relationships is also part of your way to success. Connecting with experienced and successful people in a specific domain is a game-changing move to accelerate your development by learning from the strategies that work and avoiding pitfalls. Trial and error is a great method but it takes too long to get you the position where you need to be right now.

We share the little habits that make other people and ventures successful, because those small, mostly unconscious, decisions determine the quality of your actions, outcomes and even your set of beliefs.

Corporate Governance

Any investor looking to fund a new venture will expect certain assurances over operations and internal controls to ensure their funds are used in accordance with their intended purposes. We can help you put in place the requisite financial controls that will give investors comfort that there is adequate oversight.

We will help you to run a robust accounting process, and can help determine appropriate treatment for transactions, financing and capital items. We will also help you design and implement formal and transparent reporting processes to keep investors sufficiently informed. Reporting will provide variance analysis against original and revised plans. Initial plans always change with new ventures.

Operations Support

Creating a successful product is not just about having a great idea. It's about delivering in such a way that you will be remembered and recommended. Though you may not be involved in operational detail, our team helps you to streamline processes, implementing simple, but powerful, continuous improvement methodologies, and create systems so that the experiences of your customers are outstanding and consistent over time.

Imagining the way your products will be used by customers, and working backwards to deliver those outcomes is a fun activity that aligns value creation in your organization. At that stage, we will work with you to ensure you find your path to success.

Talent Acquisition

As your company grows at an exponential rate, you will need to recruit top talent to fulfil your new venture's potential. It is key to know which new roles are necessary and how to fill them. We will help you scope out the key functions in each new role defining the types of skills, experience and educational background required. We will also help to source, filter and interview candidates for the key roles.

Our focus is mostly on life-long learners, with a positive attitude. "I don't know but I'll learn, and "I don't have the answer, but I'll find out" are acceptable answers. Entrepreneurs need to commit to their new venture and all the work that entails. We are not interested in empty words, we want action-oriented people. We call this a Mentality Giant attitude.